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Yevgeniy V. Zolotsev was born in Tambov City, Russia, in 1969, into a family of artists which included his father and both of his brothers. Encouraged and guided early on by his family, he studied art at Tambov Art College where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1990.

He became a member of the prestigious Union of Free Artists in St. Petersburg in 1989 and displayed regularly in numerous galleries in St. Petersburg and later in Germany before his immigration to the United States in 1992. His works are in collections in Finland and Germany and more recently in the United States. His work has been the subject of special exhibits in the Salt Lake City Greek Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Passion that drives his work are the 10 centuries of Russia’s deep spiritual tradition exemplified by great cathedrals that survive as Artistic masterpieces in their own right as well as the simple beauty of its small rural churches. These stand after more than 80 years of communist rule as the true measure of the Russian soul. This proud religious heritage is mirrored in Zolotsev’s own spiritual convictions. Even though he was continually at odds with a dying Soviet regime’s KGB, he never turned away from his heart’s work.

In the tradition of all masters, his work speaks to his inner voice trying to bring to life his dramatic visions. His starkly contrasting colors represent the full fury of nature, combining all her rich elements of bright and darkness. The exotic contrasts of bold aggressive colors demonstrate the power of his greatest love – nature in all her glory. Water and sky bring out his greatest inspiration and passion.

What we see only with our eyes he sees with his heart, transcending the too often superficial vision of the common.

“When the mundane of events in my day-to-day life begin to sap my energies of spirit, leading me to the edge of depression, I know I must return quickly to nature to recapture my inspiration. Amidst the life sustaining elements of sky and water I soon regain the passion that motivates my work. Under nature’s umbrella I reignite my love for creating. In this heightened state I paint for 12 to 14 hours a day for days on end.”                            - Yevgeniy Zolotsev

It is in his works you will experience the validation of all that nature gives freely to us all. This master painter’s vision opens up a window through which we all find a little bit of our own souls.

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